Nagoya Movie Theater Moves Into the 4th Dimension

If you have grown increasingly bored with only three dimensions at your local movie theater, get ready to rock and roll as 4DX technology catapults you into the fourth dimension … Continue reading

April 15, 2013 · 2 Comments

The World’s Smallest Bowl of Ramen

One of the first things you notice when you come to Japan is that a lot of things are smaller than what you might be used to. If you’re even … Continue reading

April 4, 2013 · 1 Comment

The Shocking Truth About Hanako’s Double Life

Hanako is a lovely young Japanese woman who spends every day in a dentist’s chair. She does this so that young dental students can practice their newly-learned techniques on her. … Continue reading

March 29, 2013 · Leave a comment

Finally! A Roomba for Your iPad!

Everybody loves the Roomba – that awesome little circular robot that vacuums your living room and then, as an extra bonus, feeds your cat. Now, thanks to a Japanese company … Continue reading

March 26, 2013 · Leave a comment

Your iPhone Will Soon Be a Doctor

Japanese tech giant Fujitsu has unveiled a new way to check your pulse. Just pick up your iPhone or iPad, turn on the camera and point it at your face. … Continue reading

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New Sky Ducks Quack In Tokyo

Tourists in Tokyo now have a new adventure to experience. Two new “Sky Ducks” have been launched and are all the rage. For $30, you can jump onboard a bus … Continue reading

March 19, 2013 · 2 Comments

Faster Than a Speeding Bullet Train!

Eat your heart out, America, with your quaint little 19th-century Amtrak trains – Japan has just matched a world speed record for trains! The Hayabusa bullet trains (Shinkansen to those … Continue reading

March 17, 2013 · 2 Comments