Nagoya Movie Theater Moves Into the 4th Dimension

4D moviesIf you have grown increasingly bored with only three dimensions at your local movie theater, get ready to rock and roll as 4DX technology catapults you into the fourth dimension (not to be confused with The Twilight Zone).

Korona World, a Japanese cinema chain, will open the country’s very first 4D movie theater in Nagoya on April 26. What exactly will happen to you in the fourth dimension? Should you be afraid? Perhaps.

Upon occupying your seat, you will notice a strange panel in front of you. From this panel will emanate, at the appropriate moments, various effects such as wind, water, strobe lights and even smells (you may want to mentally prepare yourself if Arnold Schwarzenegger lets loose with a giant fart.) The ceiling has also been equipped to release bubbles onto the audience – because who doesn’t enjoy a good bubble shower while watching a flick! Beyond that, the seat itself has been programmed to move in conjunction with the action on the screen and to deliver jolts when called for (like when you doze off, I’m guessing).

The first movie to be screened in the new theatre will be Iron Man 3. Be there or be square.


2 comments on “Nagoya Movie Theater Moves Into the 4th Dimension

  1. Paulo
    June 18, 2013

    sugoi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is this for real? I mean, was there really a 4D movie in Japan? I wish I could watch something like this as this is very much amazing! xD

  2. Yumiko
    January 6, 2014

    Took my niece to the Bronx Zoo in NYC recently and they had a 4-D movie for kids. It was “Ice Age – A Mammoth Christmas” a short 14 minute feature for $7 per person. Lots of fun for all ages. It was a high-definition 3-D anime complete with funny glasses and the addition of “sensory effects” including water splashing, bubbles blown, chairs vibrating, and most startling – ribbons whipping around your legs. I didn’t notice any scent effects but that would great as part of the experience. This is the wave of the future!

    Next time I go home, I will check out this theater.

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