Photo Studio: Japanese Dolls Haunt Temple Ruins

dolls2Nothing is worse for a parent than to lose a child. In Japan, when a child dies, the parents will sometimes take their lost child’s favorite doll to a temple to have it blessed by a priest. It’s a way to remember their loved one, and perhaps they believe it will provide a resting place for their child’s spirit. Some temples will have hundreds of such dolls.

But what happens when these temples are abandoned, and the dolls are left behind? One thing that happens is that they become intriguing places for photographers to explore and to record some truly haunting images. The folks at Abandoned Japan have captured some of these images of abandoned dolls at such temples. Looking at them, one can’t help but wonder what tragic tale lies behind each one.

View all the doll photos from Abandoned Japan.

View more haunting images of abandoned hotels, schools, factories, and other buildings from Abandoned Japan.


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