Photo Studio: Shrink-Wrapped Love!

Haruhiko-Kawaguchi2-550x715KIDS! Don’t try this at home!

Japanese photographer Haruhiko Kawaguchi had a great idea – why not find a bunch of couples in Tokyo nightclubs and invite them to come back to his apartment and get shrink-wrapped! Squeeze them into a big plastic bag and then use a vacuum to suck all the air out of it. What could possibly go wrong?

Surprisingly, about eighty couples said “Sure, what the heck! Sounds like fun!” It’s a testament, I suppose, to Kawaguchi’s persuasive abilities.

The end result is a series of startling photos called “Flesh Love.” Of course, given the nature of the photos, “Fresh Love” would also work as a title.

The video below demonstrates how the photographer and his girlfriend set up and photograph the couples. The couples must remain in this airless bag between ten and twenty seconds to allow Kawaguchi to get the shot – and yes, some people do occasionally panic (the men more than the women, it seems).

So if your loved one has a birthday coming up, you might suggest this unique method of photography as a way to preserve your love forever. But be sure to have an oxygen tank nearby!

View more “Flesh Love” photographs at Oddity Central.


4 comments on “Photo Studio: Shrink-Wrapped Love!

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