Laser Lights Brighten Up Japan-Jordan Soccer Game

If you think soccer isn’t exciting enough, you may appreciate the latest innovation – laser lights. There were so many laser lights at last week’s Japan-Jordan World Cup qualifying showdown that one almost expected Pink Floyd to magically appear. But the laser lights weren’t for the entertainment of the crowd, they were instead directed at the eyes of two of the Japanese players at crucial times during the game by some nefarious person or persons. Descriptions of the suspect sounded suspiciously like Dr. Evil.

Japan, after losing the game 2-1, filed a formal complaint to FIFA over the incident, so I’m sure that will help. As for Jordan, their official response was “Laser lights? What laser lights? We didn’t see no stinkin’ laser lights!”

Some have suggested that the mysterious lights were sent by God, who is apparently still not a huge soccer fan.


3 comments on “Laser Lights Brighten Up Japan-Jordan Soccer Game

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    Good to see a talent at work. I can’t match that.

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