Art Gallery: Suehiro Maruo

5467971831_6043fa2cfc_oSuehiro Maruo is a 57-year-old Japanese manga artist who works in a genre know as “ero-guro,” or “erotic grotesque.” His graphic  images – he has a penchant for human oddities, sex and violence – caused some of his early work to be rejected, but by 1980 he had established himself as a bona fide manga artist. These days he enjoys a cult following of loyal readers in Japan and abroad.

Many of his stories take place in the early years of the Showa Era in Japan, and like Alfred Hitchcock, Maruo enjoys making cameo appearances in some of his stories. He has also found success illustrating for magazines, novels, and other media.

Three of his books – The Strange Tale of Panorama Island, Mr. Arashi’s Amazing Freak Show, and Ultra-Gash Inferno, are available in English from our Amazon store.

See more of Maruo’s art at Monster Brains.


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