Yummy Yummy Yummy, I’ve Got Sushi On My Tummy!

nakedsushiNothing says Japanese cuisine like sushi. It’s the ultimate taste delight for millions of diners around the world. Japanese chefs, of course, are famous for their presentation of food, knowing that it’s just as important to appeal to the eye as to the taste buds. And of course, one surefire way to make food more appealing to the eye is to serve it on a naked woman. Hence, the ancient Japanese art of naked sushi was born. Known in Japanese as “nyotaimori” 女体盛り, it’s the kind of thing that you probably wouldn’t find at a church potluck dinner – but for some people, nothing says fun like chopsticking (new word) sushi off a flat naked tummy.

Of course, there are those party poopers who insist that it’s demeaning to a woman to be treated like a plate. However, for women who want the pleasure of eating food off a man’s naked body, there’s always “nantaimori” 男体盛り. A Seattle restaurant recently sponsored such an event for the local ladies, but instead of sushi, donuts were the main course – and once the obligatory game of ring toss was finished, the ladies enjoyed the tasty treats – by which I mean the donuts, of course.

Truth be told, this sort of thing is not really as prevalent in Japan as some would have you believe. However, it has secured its place in the hearts of many – mainly by being featured in big-time movies like Rising Sun and Sex and the City. But hey, next time you want to throw a dinner party that’ll get the neighbors talking – why not give it a try?


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