Wood You Like to Meet the Fuccons?

About a decade ago, one of the oddest shows to appear on Japanese TV captured the nation’s attention. It was called The Fuccons (later re-titled OH! Mikey). It was the story of James and Barbara Fuccon and their young son Mikey. They were just your average American family living in Japan – except that they were made from wood. The characters were all played by mannequins, you see, and were inspired by the French photographer, Bernard Faucon, who apparently enjoyed photographing mannequins. Of course, it might have just been that the producers realized that mannequins probably wouldn’t require the hefty salary that actual living actors were likely to demand. (It’s a known fact that mannequins have been exploited for years in the Japanese entertainment industry.)

Each show consists of a series of short sketches which tend to be a bit on the bizarre side, with each skit punctuated by the maniacal laughter that mannequins are famous for. In the video above, Mikey’s parents employ a unique method to get Mikey to drink his milk.

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