“A Gathering of Narcissists” Indicted for Narcissism

Back in December of 2011, a group of rich folks in Yamaguchi prefecture decided it would be fun to go for an afternoon drive on the highway in their fancy sports cars. But when they got out onto the highway, driving between 140-160 kph (87-99 mph), they apparently mistakenly believed that they were at Daytona or Indy, even though the GPS lady made it clear to them that they were actually in Japan. When the lead driver made a careless lane change, a collision occurred and before you know it – BING BANG BOOM – all hell broke loose as 14 cars smashed into each other. Six people were injured – two seriously.

The mangled mass included eight Ferraris, three Mercedes, one Lamborghini, and a partridge in a pear tree. The total estimated value of the 14 cars was about 300 million yen (3 million dollars).

Yesterday Yamaguchi police announced that ten of the drivers, whom they dubbed “a gathering of narcissists,” would be charged with “accidental infliction of injury while driving.”


3 comments on ““A Gathering of Narcissists” Indicted for Narcissism

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  2. Ben
    August 1, 2013

    I want that Jaejoong fan, the light stick, T-shirt, and photobook so badly, ahhgrh!!! Why is there no photo of JYJ in their white outfits included in the red version of In Heaven? T__T I’m very jealous of J-fans right now. Enjoy the concert on the behalf of all of us here, guys. And fancams and pictures please!!!

  3. Hamza
    August 31, 2013

    – Fabulous set of images from what was obliousvy a delightful wedding you’ve really developed a signature style to your work which I thoroughly admire. Your images don’t need watermarks because they already say AKK. Not sure if it’s the colour toning, the composition or just the fact you capture the image at exactly the right moment or, maybe a combination of so many different aspects. Reportage work. Grab shots. Portraits. A great mix of imagery that perfectly captures a story, then bottles it forever. Enjoy looking through your posts though, and feeling inspired.October 28, 2012 10:51 pm

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