Crazed Knitters Terrorize Tokyo!

knittersNot since Godzilla roamed the streets of  Tokyo has the city cowered in so much fear from such a frightening menace! The macrame terrorists of which we speak call themselves the “Surprise Attack Knitting Group.” They are a group of guerilla knitters who, in the dead of night, swoop in and subversively decorate park benches, lamp posts, street signs, and streetcars with their maniacal crocheted graffiti. They do it in the name of art, and refuse to stop, despite the pleas of government officials and religious leaders from around the globe.

Actually, this revolutionary form of knitting first showed up in America back in 2005. Now their evil designs have spread across the Pacific and landed on our shores here in Japan. If you come across an unusual display of yarn – do not approach it. In fact, flee from it and call the authorities immediately, as your very life may be in danger!

Check out the blog “Knitta” for more fun examples of guerilla knitting.

And finally – how totally cool are these knitted iPhone covers? When can I get one for my iPad?



4 comments on “Crazed Knitters Terrorize Tokyo!

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