Become a Gummy Bear for Your Sweetie!

gummyToday is White Day in Japan – the day when guys are legally obligated to give gifts (usually edible) to the legions of ladies who gifted them with goodies on Valentine’s Day.

The Fab Cafe in Shibuya, Tokyo has come up with a truly remarkable gift idea for White Day – for around $65, they will use their 3D scanner and 3D printer to create little gummy replicas of yourself, small enough to allow your honey to pop your little mini-me’s into her mouth and suck on them to her heart’s delight! This follows the success of their Valentine’s Day promotion, in which the ladies were able to create chocolate replicas of their faces for their fellas.

So welcome to the future of love, where eating your lover will be the most romantic thing you can do. Well, almost.


(Images from japandailypress.com)


One comment on “Become a Gummy Bear for Your Sweetie!

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