Live Forever in These Tokyo Lofts!

Apartments in Japan tend to be a bit on the boring side, so Japanese artist/architect  Shusaku Arakawa set out to do something about it. In 2005, he completed a series of very colorful and unorthodox living quarters in Tokyo that he called Reversible Destiny Lofts – because by living there, he believed you could reverse your destiny, i.e. the whole death thing. It was all part of his unique philosophy that mortality was “fundamentally unethical,” since a truly ethical system values life. He famously proclaimed at one point that he and his partner, Madeline Gins, had “decided not to die.” While certainly a noble ambition, it sadly fell short when Arakawa died three years ago in New York at the age of 73.

His amazing lofts, however, live on as a testament to his dream of immortality. The lofts employ bright colors to stimulate the senses and have built-in inconveniences which force you to become more aware of your body. So, for example, light fixtures are positioned at high or low positions and the angled floors are made up of what look like speed bumps.

View additional photos of the lofts at Curious Places.

Filmmaker Nobutaka Yamaoka lived in one of the lofts and made a documentary about the experience called “Shinanai Kodomo, Shusaku Arakawa” (“Children Who Don’t Die — Shusaku Arakawa”).

(Photo from reversibledestiny.org)


One comment on “Live Forever in These Tokyo Lofts!

  1. cazhugs
    January 18, 2011

    Wow is all I can say!

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