Japanese Toilet Technology Can Now Prevent Goals!

Japan has come a long way in the field of toilet technology. It used to be that most toilets were basically a hole in the ground – but the 21st century has seen Japan become the leader in high-tech toilets. The new toilets will pamper your precious posterior and leave you feeling refreshed, refined, and refurbished. They have made using the toilet fun again!

But now Japanese toilets have taken a giant step forward with the introduction of the toilet which is also a soccer goalkeeper. Yes, that’s right – if your goalkeeper is really shitty, he can now be replaced with a toilet! This amazing toilet, using an intricate system of sensors and cameras, will maneuver itself to block the ball, and if it can’t reach it, it will shoot out a smaller ball to block the bigger ball.

No one is quite sure why all this is happening, but plans are already in the works to develop washing machines to play the forward position, and refrigerators to handle the midfielder duties. The new AAL (All-Appliance League) is slated to begin play in the fall.


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